O Design Office

O Design Office creates spaces with thoughtful consideration of human experience. We are driven by the conviction to create better spaces that inspire people to work happy, play freely and live well.

The Space
Building a spatial narrative
An assembly of sculptural forms translates the concept for The Space 공간 , a Korean hair salon. We were experimenting with forms, lighting and colors to create an interesting juxtaposition of physical elements and hues of colors. Our objective is to build a confident spatial narrative for the client’s brand. Along the shopfront stands two soft sculptural walls that partially conceal the view into the interior, inviting customers to enter through the space between both walls. We steered away from the typical glass shopfront within shopping malls, inviting curious footfalls while providing some privacy to customers in the salon.The overall interior atmosphere and aesthetic is characterized by spacing and composition of forms, using light and shadow to highlight their relationships. In line with this concept, the shampoo space behind the reception was created to allow openings for ambience light to filter in, as customers rest to enjoy their hair wash in comfort and privacy.

Client: The Space 공간
Location: 100 Tras Street, Singapore
Project Team: Timo Wong, Priscilla Lui, Greg Chin
Photography: Don Wong
Still House
Community under one roof

Inhabiting one of the most beautiful conservation shophouses in Singapore, Still House is a co-living space that consist of four distinct suites. We designed the interior of the house to reflect the liveliness of the street, and as a respite from the eclectic neighbourhood of Joo Chiat.

Furniture such as the dining table, shelves and bed frames in the house were custom designed to unify the various suites. The combination of colors and materials create a light-hearted atmosphere, hoping to enliven the communal living environment.

Client: Figment

Location: Koon Seng Road, Joo Chiat, Singapore
Project Team: Timo Wong, Priscilla Lui, Greg Chin
Curated Artist: Wu Yanrong (Migratory Birds) Photography: Studio Periphery

Agile Office
A collaborative workplace 

We were engaged to design the Chief Information Officer’s office of an organization. Recognising that agile software development is a set of methods and practices where solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing and cross-functional teams, it was important to create a work environment that is very flexible to enable various work scenarios. Keeping in mind structure and clarity in the spatial framework.

Making use of the double volume space, we designed the lounge as the first encounter to facilitate social interaction and also creating an informal atmosphere for collaborative work. We created various types of seating arrangements in the lounge for various work dynamics or simply to have group lunches or celebrations. We layered the work zone behind the lounge area as people walk through to their work desks.

The simplicity of the open plan work zone is specific to the need for flexible reconfiguration of teams, and complimented by the proximity of discussion rooms of various sizes along the work zone. We also created a distinct discussion area that supports small to big ad hoc group discussions or open presentations and sharing sessions.

Client: Undisclosed
Location: Tanjong Pagar, Singapore
Project Team: Timo Wong, Priscilla Lui, Greg Chin

Lighting Consultant: Light Collab

Photography: Studio Periphery