O Design Office is founded by Studio Juju in 2023 as a creative endeavour in spatial design.  We adopt a user-centric approach to designing spaces, and has since completed projects for dwellings, workplaces, retails and exhibitions.

Our Approach

We develop each project with empathy for the users through listening and understanding their specific needs and aspirations. While we respond with the most relevant solutions, we also envision the spaces we design to engage people in delightful ways. We do it with artistry and intelligence.

Our Process

User Centric
We design with people at the soul of each project. By understanding how people engage in spaces and their interactions, we create delightful experiences that resonate through tangible encounters and its atmosphere.

A rigorous bespoke approach underpins our work. Combining research and inquisitive thinking, we are explorative during our design process to envisage unique qualities of each design.

Through our human centric and bespoke approach, we focus intently to reimagine new scenarios, and to craft spaces that are liberating and thoughtful for the advancement of lifestyles, work environments, and businesses.

Our Clients & Collaborators

The Arts House
Bank of Singapore
Brawn & Brains Coffee
Health Promotion Board
Moyem Medical Aesthetics
RSAF Medical Services