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STEIDL-DECK Exhibition
Showcasing the beauty of process

DECK is an independent art space with the mission of supporting and nurturing the community of photography enthusiasts in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Steidl is a renowned German-language publisher, an international publisher of photo books, and a printing company, based in Göttingen, Germany.

We were introduced to the world of Steidl Verlag through Koto Bolofo’s photo book “I Spy with My Little Eye Something Beginning with S”, published by Steidl. The photos were taken on such personal level, one would be immersed into the world of Gerhard Steidl and his dedicated team. Inspired by the book, we were determined to design this exhibition on a personal level too. Capturing the essence of both Steidl and DECK into one house.

Client: DECK
Location: Princep Street, Singapore
Project Team: Timo Wong, Priscilla Lui, Meiska Priscita

Collaborator: Theseus Chan (Werk Magazine) Art Direction & Graphics
Photography: Studio Periphery