An agile work environment

Thoughtworks is an agile software development company started in Chicago and has grown from a small group to a company of over 6000+ passionate people spreading across 40 offices around the world. We were engaged to design the Singapore office.

We studied their work culture and methods to inspire the spatial design as an integrative part of daily work.

Creating two different work zones, the first zone is linear and allows coding teams the convenience of stepping in and out of the ‘discussion coves’ along the windows. The second zone, is a ‘big room’ where there  are full-height writable sliding doors that allows the flexibility to break up the open plan work zones. This second zone is also lined with ‘look-out’ counter-height tables by the windows for personal work concentration. The ‘Thoughtworkers’ move themselves between this two work zones depending on the pace of each projects.

We created a variety of informal meeting spaces, and an open lounge area that enables reconfiguration for organised events and various company activities. A separate entrance was created for access into the open lounge area for guests during events.

Client: Thoughtworks
Location: Cross Street, Singapore
Project Team: Timo Wong, Priscilla Lui

Lighting Consultant: Light Collab
Photography: Studio Periphery